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We live in a world where hospitality thrives on the connections between people, where every smile, every interaction, and every moment is a brushstroke in a masterpiece.

At Hogshead & Tun we wholeheartedly comprehend that the core of your establishment lies in the people who breathe life into it.

This is why we bring you tailored HR and Recruitment services, meticulously designed to meet the captivating demands of the hospitality universe.

With our journey intertwined with the hospitality tapestry, we deeply grasp the intricate dance of this industry.

Our team, a blend of HR wizards and recruitment dreamweavers, speaks the language of hospitality recruitment with fluency and heart.

From sketching out the perfect job description to introducing the stars of your team, we’re there for you. Our purpose is to guide you through the journey, hand in hand, to ensure the talents you discover become the true essence of your establishment.

Why us?

For those pivotal roles that shape your story, our executive search service unveils leaders who’ll inspire chapters of success.

From welcoming hands during bustling times to long-term companions, our staff augmentation brings a family of skilled individuals to your doorstep.

Like a favorite melody, cultural fit matters. Our assessments ensure that beyond skills, hearts align with the heartbeat of your brand.

Beyond recruitment, we champion growth through training, weaving continuous learning into the fabric of your team.

Regulations are like notes in a score; our compliance and HR strategy support ensures harmony and rhythm in your journey.

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