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Menu Development, Training and Food Photography

We will help you create an offer that is future-proof. Delivering commercially viable menus that maximise sales mix potential, backed up by strategic planning. This ensures that all dishes and recipes are fully costed, supply chains created, and labour models drafted.

A great menu is only one piece of the puzzle. Success is in the detail. Every part of the operation is planned, with process guides and best-in-class training materials for consistent execution. Your team is trained and launches are supported by our experts if required.

A full review of your menu structure, brand fit, tiering and prices, along with a menu gap analysis. A great menu will maximise the spend opportunity whilst ensuring quality, value and the vital brand or concept experience.

Our highly talented development chefs and food product development experts will create the ideal, on-trend menu that is specially designed to fit your brand and kitchen.

Whether creating a new concept or reviewing your current menu proposition – we base everything on your brand vision and values.

Designing, developing and refining your products, dishes or full menus to keep you ahead of your competitors.

We will work collaboratively with your own suppliers or key trusted suppliers we personally have arrangements with, to find the best of ingredients and products available and create market leading menus.

At Hogshead & Tun, we believe that the true art of hospitality lies not just in crafting a menu, but in the meticulous execution of every dish. That’s why our commitment doesn’t end with just there, we will also train you and your team to prepare every single dish on that menu.

Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals takes a hands-on approach, working side by side with your staff to instill a culture of culinary excellence. Through immersive training sessions, we empower your kitchen brigade with the knowledge and skills needed to execute each dish with precision and flair.

From mastering cooking techniques to perfecting presentation, our comprehensive menu training ensures that every plate leaving your kitchen is a masterpiece in its own right. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of culinary perfection, because we understand that it’s the small details that leave the most lasting impressions.

Food Photography

When it comes to presenting your culinary creations to the world, exceptional visuals are a must. Our food photography services go beyond capturing images – we tell a story of flavor, passion, and craftsmanship through every photograph.

Fuel your social media presence with share-worthy food photos that generate likes, shares, and comments.

Use our stunning imagery on your website, marketing materials, and promotional campaigns to leave a lasting impression.

With Hogshead & Tun, your menu takes center stage in every shot. We’re committed to turning your culinary vision into a visual reality.

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